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Helpful Items

Frio Wallet
Frio Wallet
  Travel sized cooling systems for insulin. These packs are amazing! Rob used one when we went on a 4 day camping trip where we didn't have access to ice. We also use it for long car trips. This company was really nice too. We needed the wallet right away and they made sure we got it in 3 days and even emailed me to confirm. These handy wallets come in various sizes and colors too!
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  These vitamins were perfect for Rob's situation. With his kidneys failing and him developing kidney stones every day, it was hard to find the right kind of daily vitamin that gave him all the good stuff he needs but NOT contain a lot of calcium. These were the best and got two thumbs up from his doctors.

  Alpha Lipoic Acid pills were recommended by Rob's doctors to help with neuropathy. There is no medical evidence that these will soothe the pain from nerve damage, however his doctors felt it was something he could take without experiencing any side effects. Alpha lipoic acid is found naturally in food sources such as potatoes, spinach, broccoli, liver, kidneys and beef.  Be sure to check with your doctor in case you have any allergies before purchasing.

Glucose Buddy iPhone application
Glucose Buddy
iPhone App
  This was an application Rob found on the ITunes store for his IPhone. He found it to be very helpful, since he is always on the go and sometimes didn't have the time to go to his desk and fill out paper logs of his food & insulin intake when he was getting ready for his Insulin Pump. It has a number of great features, including the ability to graph out your blood sugar levels and email logs to yourself or your doctors! Over all he found this application really helped in monitoring his progression. It kept him keen on carb counting! He even showed it to his doctors who were so impressed, they planned on recommending it to any patient that has an iPhone.
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Insulin Pump
Insulin Pump
  I know this is a really expensive item but if you have insurance, this is a fabulous product.  All the detailed documentation Rob provided to his doctors was in preparations for his pump.  For the first month Rob thought it was huge mistake to spend so much money on a pump he hated to use and felt he would never get use to sleeping with it.  We had to tape the tube down and secure the pump to his arm.  After a few months though, it became a part of his body and he is so thankful he bought it.  He says it truly changed his life for the better. The one linked here is the exact kind he purchased, which was the latest model at that time.

Carb Card   I searched for hours to find a cheap or free carb card for Rob. At some point I remembered I could make one, and so I did.
  Please don't try to figure out the ratio on your own, it can be very dangerous. If your math is wrong and you take too much or too little insulin, you risk the possibility of passing out. Its safer to work with your doctors. That *is* why you pay them the big bucks. Make them work for it. But seriously, talk to your doctors, don't hurt yourself
Glucose Buddy Forum

Diabetes Daily Forum
  Signing up for forums can be beneficial. You are able to connect with people who understand and in the end each member helps to provide support for another.
I've listed the two I signed up for.

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